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Assumes little or no wisdom of differentiable manifolds and useful analysis

Particular emphasis on issues relating to replicate symmetry (SUSY, Kaehler-Einstein metrics, Tian-Todorov lemma)

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14 permit is the set of all Kahler sessions linked to any Kahler constitution on X. Hodge thought on a compact Kahler manifold X permits one to view Kx as an open convex cone in H 1 • 1 (X) n H 2 (X, JR) (cf. workout three. 2. 12). As famous above, the bidegree decomposition H okay (X, C) = E9 Hp,q(X) and, after all, complicated conjugation HP,q(X) = Hq,P(X) doesn't rely on the selected Kahler constitution on X. within the subsequent part we will speak about the stay­ ing operators * , L, and A at the point of cohomology. it is going to end up that they just depend upon the Kahler type [w] . routines three. 2. 1 enable (X, g) b e a Kahler manifold. convey that the Kahler shape w i s harmonic. three. 2. 2 determine the main points of the evidence of the second one statement of Corollary three. 2. 12. particularly, express that for a compact hermitian manifold (X, g) of measurement n there exists a average isomorphism Hp,q (X) � H n -p, n -q(X)* ( use ii ) of comment three. 2. 7 ) . it is a precise case of Serre duality, which holds precise extra more often than not for Dolbeault cohomolgy of holomorphic vector bundles (cf. Proposition four. 1 . 15) . three. 2. three permit X be a compact Kahler manifold X of size n. enable Hp,q (X) � Hn- p,n-q(X)* take delivery of by means of Serre duality. detect that the direct sum decomposition of those isomorphisms yields Poincare duality three. 2. four remember workout 2. 6. 1 1 and exhibit that on a compact Kahler manifold "the restrict limt�o commutes with hypercohomology" , i. e. lim lHik (X, (Di , t . d)) = JHik (x, lim ( Dx , t . d)) . t---; zero t---; zero three. 2. five exhibit that for a posh torus of size one the decomposition in Corollary three. 2. 12 does rely on the advanced constitution. It suffices to contemplate H 1 . three. 2. 6 express that the bizarre Betti numbers b2i+ l of a compact Kahler manifold are even. three. 2 three. 2. 7 Hodge thought on Kahler Manifolds 131 Are Hopf surfaces (cf. part 2. 1) Kahler manifolds? three. 2. eight express that holomorphic kinds, i. e. components of H0(X, SJP) , on a compact Kahler manifold X are harmonic with recognize to any Kahler metric. three. 2. nine are you able to deduce Theorem three. 2. eight for compact Kahler manifolds from the Hodge decomposition for compact orientated Riemannian manifolds and the 88lemma? three. 2. 10 permit (X, g) be a compact hermitian manifold. express that any (d-)harmonic (p, q)-form can also be &-harmonic. three. 2. eleven convey that Hp,q(IP'n) = zero apart from p = q ::; n. within the latter case, the distance is one-dimensional. Use this and the exponential series to teach that Pic(IP'n) � Z. three. 2. 12 enable X be a compact Kahler manifold and look at H 1 • 1 (X) as a subspace of H2 (X, q . convey that the Kahler Kx cone is an open convex cone in H1• 1 (X, R) : = H1•1 (X) n H2 (X, R) and that Kx now not include any line {a + t/3 I t E R} for any a, f3 E H1•1 (X, R) with /3 =J. zero. moreover, express that ta + f3 is a Kahler classification for t » zero for any Kahler type a and any /3. end up the ddc-lemma: If a E Ak (X) is a de-exact and d-closed shape three. 2. thirteen on a compact Kahler manifold X then there exists a kind f3 E A okay - 2 (X) such = ddc/3. (A facts might be given in Lemma three. A. 22. ) three. 2. 14 permit X be compact and Kahler. express that the 2 typical homomor­ phisms H�'6 (X) -+ Hp ,q(X) and EB + = H�'6 (X) -+ H okay (X, C) brought in Ex­ p q okay ercise 2.

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